October 23, 2018

Function App: Visual Studio Publishing Fail

Function App: Visual Studio Publishing Fail

Azure Function App is one of the powerful server-less service Azure provide to developer on customizing their micro services.

Function App was launch back in 2017, recently v2 announced ready to production use, support both DotNet Framework and DotNet Standard.

Recently, I was encountered an issue when trying to publish an update to my Function App. "Publish Failed", this is one and only one message my Visual Studio response to me.

So I dig into this issue and spend about half day. Below are my try and research, but no help.

  1. Update Visual Studio
  2. Re-login Azure Account
  3. Reset publishing file, download and import
  4. Azure Web Deploy “Publish Failed”

So I do notice my Azure account was having "Payment Incorrect" method when I logged into Portal several times, next I try to remove my azure account from Visual Studio and guess what? It works finally!

The menu is under File> Account Settings> Remove Account, refer to the screenshot below. Click "Sign out"/ "Remove" on all yours account or your problem Azure account.